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Healthcare Integration Webinars

PilotFish Healthcare Interface Engine Product Webinars

Learn how different healthcare organizations where able to solve their integration challenges by leveraging PilotFish. Each webinar focuses on a different use case and covers the client, the challenge, the solution and the benefits realized.

Big Data Analytics Integration

The client has a dominant position and market share in hospitals and practices throughout the United States and is focused on delivering a single source of provider financial, operational and quality metrics, coupled with proprietary analytical services. With 300 hospitals and 6,000 practices, their data volumes and integration challenges, are shall we say, substantial. Not only do they have a wide variety of data formats that they need to work with, they also need database flexibility and mechanisms for processing large amounts of data quickly.

Solution Provider Integration with EHRs

The client, a healthcare division of a $18B company has a cloud-based offering that needs to be integrated with healthcare providers’ clinical systems. Different flavors of HL7 2.x messages are provided by every provider’s EHR, each with its own nuances. Added to that, various Coding systems all require normalization across representation schemes. The client was growing at a rapid rate and implementing a solution that was scalable and largely repeatable was crucial.

Medical Device Integration with EHRs

The client is the healthcare division of the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of storage and transport products. The division provides automated medication dispensing carts and cabinets to hospitals worldwide. Due to their increasing international client base they required a solution that was lightweight enough for deployment alongside any piece of equipment and flexible enough to be installed remotely and handle the wide range of data formats and connectivity protocols that their implementation teams encounter around the globe.

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