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The PilotFish Interface Engine – The Perfect “Add-On” to Your Healthcare Solutions

Whether you are a provider of cloud services, software applications, medical equipment or devices, rapid implementation and integration of your solution is critical to your success. Organizations can achieve these goals by leveraging PilotFish Integration Solutions through our expansive Value Added Reseller and Product Bundling program.

PilotFish’s Value Added Reseller program allows authorized partners to resell licenses of the most comprehensive systems integration solution available. PilotFish’s unique systems architecture makes it infinitely customizable to meet an organization’s exact requirements while also offering the extensibility for future growth and adding support for new technology. PilotFish supports proprietary formats, legacy formats, and contemporary formats, and is easily configured to support any future formats with an Open API. The ease-of-use of our eiConsole for Healthcare IDE helps organizations benefit from faster time to market with new products. The PilotFish integration engine also takes development, maintenance, and enhancement of an integration capability out of the critical path, so organizations can focus on their core business.

Boost Your Bottom Line with Quicker Implementations

  • Leading research firms agree that the largest component of any implementation is integration. PilotFish has consistently reduced integration time and expense by 90% or more.
  • The ability to reuse any interface or interface component with only minor configuration changes will make your solution virtually “Plug & Play”.

Leverage the Best Solution Based on Time, Cost, Quality, and Risk

  • The PilotFish integration engine has consistently been selected by solution providers after side-by-side comparisons with other leading interface engines.
  • Eliminate any risk of exceeding cost or time estimates while ensuring functional requirements are met: 100s of deployments with 1000s of integration endpoints.
  • An unparalleled track record of success of on-time and on-budget implementations.

Licensing Options That Align With Business Requirements

  • Low-cost bundling options
  • End-user licenses
  • Lightweight deployment and restricted license options
  • Read more about our different Licensing Options

With PilotFish, organizations need no longer devote valuable resources to building or maintaining a solution. We offer a turn-key integration engine option. We also offer a 90-Day Free Try Before You Buy program and low-cost proof of concepts (POCs) so you can be sure that PilotFish is the right solution for you.

If you would like to engage in a discussion on becoming a Value Added Reseller and/or bundling our integration solutions with a product or service, please contact us at 813 864 8662 or click the link below to email us.

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