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RCS Partners with PilotFish for Game-Changing Productivity Gains

Streamlined Processes in Revenue Cycle Management Delivers
Greater Profitability and Lower Costs to Support Accelerated Growth

Revenue Cycle Solutions (RCS) collaborates with clinical laboratory clients nationwide to streamline their billing workflow, optimize claim filing, maintain lab compliance and realize billing and collection objectives. RCS turned to Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration as a means for achieving rapid, repeatable automation of their laboratory onboarding and servicing workflow. RCS has quickly attained a tenfold improvement in capacity in one area and a 360% increase in claims processing productivity, paving the way for dramatic new growth.

In priming for new growth, RCS recognized a clear business case for integration automation. RCS turned to Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration – identifying the eiConsole for Healthcare and eiPlatform interface engine solution as a means for achieving rapid, repeatable automation of their laboratory onboarding and servicing workflow. Fast implementation was essential to RCS as their competitive market has toughened as software and companies moved to innovate claims, collections, coding and technology systems.

RCS now leverages the eiConsole’s graphical automated interface assembly line, a code-free process for configuring interfaces for remarkable cost and time savings. RCS has quickly achieved a tenfold improvement in capacity in one area and a 360% increase in claims processing productivity, paving the way for dramatic new growth.

“The difference we have seen with PilotFish is like night and day in comparison to our old way of doing business. We have analyzed the time it takes to enter information associated with a claim and process it through the PilotFish solution,” reports Brandon Gaunt, RCS Director of Information Services. “As of today, the end-to-end time is seven minutes. Prior to using PilotFish, our previous method would take an average of 25 minutes of manual effort per claim before it was fully billable. This represents a 360% improvement in productivity – and that’s a game-changer for our organization!”

Previously, RCS’s processes had consumed its highly trained staff with repetitive, error-prone tasks that limited their bandwidth. RCS also had a lineup of new customers anxious to take advantage of their services, but data entry bottlenecks had begun to undermine their growth.

The reuse of interfaces has also been a major contribution to RCS’s amazing productivity gains. After the creation and implementation of just half a dozen healthcare interfaces, Gaunt reports that “With PilotFish, we can copy an existing live interface, rename it, tweak the mapping to fit, run a couple of test files through and then turn it on live, in under two hours.”

PilotFish’s flexible solution is continuing to drive efficiencies with a high Return on Investment (ROI) for RCS and its clients. Shortly after the initial implementation, RCS decided to migrate from a cloud-based offering to a self-hosted claims management software package. In a matter of days, RCS was able to configure new healthcare interfaces in the PilotFish eiConsole capable of consuming the required HL7 2.x DFT messages, but now converting them to “SQLXML”. SQLXML is a simple syntax that the PilotFish eiPlatform interprets to issue a series of SQL queries, inserts, and updates that are compatible with virtually any relational database. By decoupling interface logic from their core application with the PilotFish eiPlatform, the conversion between claims processing systems was seamless. The transition was transparent to their business partners, who experienced absolutely no interruption in the processing of their claims records.

“That RCS has become virtually entirely self-sufficient after their initial training speaks volumes about how easy the PilotFish integration engine solution is to learn and use. RCS is a “poster child” for demonstrating how interface reuse can be leveraged with PilotFish to clone and tweak interfaces in minutes,” said Monika Vainius, Executive Vice President at Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration.

Revenue Cycle Solutions and their decision to implement the PilotFish integration engine solution, has delivered a winning combination for RCS’s clinical laboratory clients in streamlining their workflows and optimizing claim filing, billing and collection processes. RCS is well-positioned to meet ongoing strong competition and deftly handle its turbocharged growth.
Learn more about how PilotFish helped RCS in this Revenue Cycle Solutions Case Study.

About Revenue Cycle Solutions
RCS is a clinical laboratory billing & collection company based in Dallas, Texas, that is dedicated to optimizing the revenue cycle and business economics of the labs they serve across the nation. Its online, cloud-based technology links laboratory stakeholders in the reimbursement of diagnostic services and financial reporting, thus optimizing revenue and reconciling any discrepancies if/when they occur. Learn more at the RCS website.

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