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Interface Engine Demo – eiConsole for Healthcare

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Integration Engine Solutions

 The Only Healthcare Interface Engine You’ll Ever Need Graphically Configure, Map & Test Using Any Data Format or Connectivity PilotFish is a leader in ...

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eiConsole for EDI X12 Video

 The Integration Engine with Built-In Knowledge of EDI X12 Schemas & Standards For over years, PilotFish, a leader in integration engine solutions and EDI ...

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EDI X12 Tools Technical Demo

   EDI X12 Transaction Integration Made Painless with PilotFish As a select distribution partner of X12, the Pilotfish eiConsole Integration Engine now offers a suite ...

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Automated Interface Assembly Line

     PilotFish Healthcare Integration Engine – eiConsole The Assembly Line has long been considered one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century. ...

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EMR Integration Using eiConsole

 EMR Integration – See How It’s Done with PilotFish Software This is the eiConsole, an integrated development environment for building, deploying, maintaining and testing integration ...

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HL7 Parsing Tool for Integration Engine

   HL7 Parsing Component of the eiConsole for Healthcare This is a demonstration of the eiConsole for Healthcare’s HL7 lenient parsing capability. Many systems ...

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HL7 Differencing Engine

   HL7 Differencing Engine Feature in the eiConsole Integration Engine This is a demonstration of the eiConsole for Healthcare Differencing Engine feature of the software. ...

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