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PilotFish and SMC Partners Deliver a Population Health Solution with Big Returns for a Community Health Organization

Hartford, CT, November 15, 2017 – SMC Partners, a PilotFish Value Added Reseller and implementation partner, is an information technology and consulting company that serves healthcare providers, healthcare insurers, and social services organizations. Leveraging its population health expertise and PilotFish’s integration engine solutions, SMC Partners has implemented a successful, results-driven Population Health solution for its client, the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut (CHCACT).

CHCACT is a not-for-profit service organization that supports the clinical and administrative operations of its nearly twenty-member community health centers that serve ten percent of the state’s residents. The client strives to advance the common interests of these federally qualified health centers to provide quality healthcare to the state’s population that is often underserved. These common interests now must include responding to a healthcare system that is moving to implement strategies around population health management, accountable care and consumer and community engagement. These strategies are also now the drivers for government healthcare policy and funding.

The client found that claims data, used in reporting on quality measures, alone was inadequate in defining a complete picture of population health. Clinical data was needed, but it was very often difficult to access and integrate clinical data from EHRs. CHCACT turned to SMC Partners and PilotFish to fill the data and technology gaps and to add capabilities to acquire, transform, normalize and use multiple sources of data so that they could become more data-driven as well as achieve their Population Health goals and reporting requirements.

Through utilization of popHealth, an open source, flexible data extraction too, SMC enhanced the organization’s ability to extract data and produce other reports or data feeds for their reporting needs. Through an HRSA funded HCCN grant, SMC Partners was contracted to build on the successes of the open source Population Health project to extract and normalize clinical data from member EHRs. SMC was able to build a data warehouse as well as establishing reporting analytics using comingled claims and clinical data that the client and its member health centers then benefited from. The PilotFish integration engine solution enabled the projects to easily dispatch any interfacing issues and requirements.

CHCACT’s member health centers now have the use of electronic health records (EHR) to achieve both clinical and financial objectives that are tied to the Meaningful Use Program as well as respond to other reporting requirements that are needed. By meeting these objectives and all the reporting requirements, CHCACT can now receive the available funding needed to continue to provide the over one million medical, dental and behavioral health visits each year delivered by their member health centers. A win-win for all, but especially for building on the CCHACT PopHealth initiatives designed to make a difference for the members and populations served by CCAHAHACT.

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About SMC Partners, LLC

SMC Partners, LLC is an information technology, business process, and human performance consulting & solution delivery company. SMC is a professional services company focused on healthcare, health insurance, and social services. SMC is also a Value Added Reseller of PilotFish products and an authorized PilotFish implementation services partner. Learn more at SMC Partners.

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