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PilotFish to Exhibit at HiMSS18, Las Vegas, NV, March 6-8, 2018

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PilotFish Features Its Show Stopping Automated Interface Assembly Line for Graphically Configuring Interfaces at HiMSS18 and Announces the New eiConsole for X12 Bundle

Watch a Live Demo at Booth #8219

March 6-8 – Las Vegas, Sands Expo Center

PilotFish, back for its seventh year at HiMSS, is sure to thrill visitors again with live demos of its show-stopping graphical assembly line process for configuring healthcare interfaces. New for HiMSS18, PilotFish will introduce and demo its new eiConsole for X12.  As a select distribution partner of X12, PilotFish has been licensed to redistribute artifacts of the X12 standard as a component of its eiConsole for X12 bundle. By embedding its deep knowledge of the X12 schemas and standards within the eiConsole and eiPlatform product suite, PilotFish can now deliver breakthrough productivity-boosting features that strip away the technical complexity of parsing, validating, mapping and producing X12 EDI files.

With the functionality unlocked by the eiConsole for X12 bundle, users now are able to:

  • Parse ANY X12 Transaction as XML
  • Validate X12 Messages during processing for structure and basic SNIP levels
  • Review and Map XML using human-readable (and easily understood) “Friendly Names”
  • Automatically Convert to human-readable text all encountered compact-consistent code values
  • Browse and Search the hierarchy of any X12 Message during data mapping
  • Produce ANY X12 Transaction from a corresponding XML representation
  • Scale to Interface large X12 Transactions through parallelized batch processing

Learn more about the eiConsole for X12.

On the big screen at the PilotFish booth visitors will see the new eiConsole for X12 in action and watch live demos of other interfaces representing actual PilotFish client use cases. Among those to be featured:

  • Reporting & Analytics Integration
  • Solution Provider Integration
  • Medical Lab Integration
  • Revenue Cycle Integration
  • Medical Equipment/Device Integration

In just a few short minutes, viaPilotFish demos, visitors will see how configuration, rather than coding, allows PilotFish users at all levels to quickly graphically configure interfaces to and from any system, application, database, equipment or device. Using PilotFish’s simple drag & drop graphical tools, users can do the most complex Data Mapping and data transformation in minutes with no coding or scripting required, guaranteed.

Learn more about our automated interface assembly line by Watching a PilotFish Video.

Don’t miss your sought-after PilotFish plushie at HiMSS18! As a special treat to visitors who watch a demo, you’ll receive a PilotFish plush fish toy, the company’s mascot.  Visitors are encouraged to sign up and come early as these popular giveaways are always a big hit and quantities are limited.

For more information before the show, please call us at 813 864 8662.

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