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PilotFish to Exhibit at HiMSS17, Orlando, FL, February 20–22, 2017

New PilotFish Graphical Interface Engine Features and Rapid Reuse to Wow Crowds at HiMMS17

Live demos every 10 minutes at Booth #6861

February 20-22, 2017 – Orlando, Orange County Convention Center

PilotFish plans to wow crowds again at HiMSS17 with live demos of its Interface Engine featuring its “Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line.” PilotFish is back with new features and enhancements that make it even more visual and easy to use, even quicker in configuring interfaces, and even more optimized for rapid reuse of interface templates and components.  All in all, PilotFish in 2017 is even faster and more automated in delivering interoperability NOW!

Live demos will be given back to back every 10 minutes. Come see our graphical automated interface assembly line in action where we will show reuse is as simple as “Clone, Tweak, Test & Go!”  Plus you’ll have the opportunity to see client/real-life examples of:

  • Advantages of our new library of source and target icons graphically representing virtually every kind of data type, system or entity you’ll ever need to integrate with. (Users can add their own custom icons, as well.) At one glance, you have a snapshot of the interface at hand.
  • Rapid reuse of interfaces with our new “duplicate” function, accessed via a file menu drop-down, that makes it as simple as two clicks to clone an interface.
  • Souped-up automation with new built-in Processors and Listeners and Transport Adapters with pre-built configuration panels, greater communication and data manipulation automation capabilities, plus expansion of our RESTful Web Service Transport, and Listener and Transport support for Amazon (AWS) S3 and Hadoop, among new productivity widgets.

Visitors will also appreciate added support for more HL7 formats and messages in addition to the product’s already extensive HL7 support, including the PilotFish:

  • Custom Lenient HL7 parser which can parse non-standards compliant or extended HL7, any 2.x version
  • Inline HL7 documentation
  • HL7 Differencing Engine for mediating differences between one HL7 message and another
  • HL7 “Friendly-Name” option that allows users to bind HL7 messages to or from human-readable XML.
  • Codeless data transformations that let you breeze through HL7 mapping and transform it to/from any format.
  • Custom FHIR Format Reader to easily read in FHIR data
  • Graphical Data Mapper to map the FHIR standard to or from a canonical format.

With the PilotFish integration engine solution and its graphical automated interface assembly line and other advances, integrating with virtually anything and everything is possible immediately – and this year you’ll see innovations that make data exchange and interoperability easier and faster than ever!

Visitors who watch a demo will be treated with a PilotFish plush fish toy, the company’s mascot.  Visitors are encouraged to sign up and come early as these popular giveaways are always a big hit and go quickly.

For more information prior to the show, please call us at 813 864 8662 .

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