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PilotFish Draws Crowds at the Annual HiMSS Conference in Chicago

PilotFish Interface Engine Demonstration at HiMSS

Hundreds of visitors stopped to watch a demo of the PilotFish Interface Engine at HiMSS15

Visitors Fascinated by the Ease and Simplicity of Its Graphical Interface Engine

McCormick Place, April 13-15, 2015 – Once again the annual HIMSS conference drew a record-breaking number of registrants, 43,129, to be exact, up from 38,828 last year. The show floor was bursting with eager visitors to see the latest new offerings in the industry. PilotFish drew crowds with back to back demonstrations of its graphical integration engine. Visitors sat mesmerized by the ease with which interfaces can be configured using the company’s Assembly Line approach for interface configuration as the presenters walked them through live demos.

Previewed at HiMSS was PilotFish’s new support for FHIR. FHIR,’s new healthcare standard, joins the long list of PilotFish supported standards. These include HL7 2.x (all versions), HL7 3.x, XML, DICOM, CCD/CDA, EDI and CSV, among others. The eiConsole for Healthcare’s new FHIR format reader makes it as simple as selecting from a drop-down and filling in a simple configuration panel to read in FHIR data. Adding support for FHIR included enhancing the product’s Data Mapper to include a FHIR format reader. This facilitates the drag & drop mapping of FHIR documents. Within the Data Mapper, the XML-based FHIR schema is displayed as well as the documentation associated with the various data elements. eiConsole users enjoy the same graphical mapping ease when working with FHIR as they already do with other HL7 formats. The integration engine can validate FHIR extensions, a key component of implementing a FHIR-compliant integration. Visitors were excited about the FHIR support and the new standard received a lot of buzz at the show.

Announced at the show was PilotFish’s new support for mHealth with the product’s new HealthConnect app. HealthConnect enables end-to-end integration for Apple & Android supported medical devices. HealthConnect is a platform agnostic application that resides on a smart device. It works with any health or medical device that communicates with a smart device. This can be Apple’s HealthKit or Google’s Android. HealthConnect enables integration with anything, anywhere, using any format and connectivity protocol. Visitors were able to see how data from a medical device can be instantly connected to the PilotFish eiPlatform, which offers powerful capabilities to transform data into any format and transmit it using any communications protocol. PilotFish was able to demonstrate how HealthConnect is a way for organizations to bring remote patient monitoring to a whole new level.

Also new at HiMSS, PilotFish previewed its eiDashboard application for process visualization. Adding to the company’s line up of graphical tools, the eiDashboard provides real-time operational reporting & management of Interfaces. With the eiDashboard users gain a comprehensive visual view of the health of their interfaces. Among the data is a consolidated graphical view of system performance (CPU, disk, and memory), overall interface health, and summary statistics of interface throughput and error rates. An Interface Status page shows the health of the interfaces based on user-configurable health rules. The eiDashboard also offers Security Management functionality that can be used to set up users with access limited to specific functionality and to specific interfaces. The eiDashboard’s mobile accessibility on smart devices was a big hit, too.
PilotFish has commenced follow-up with all that requested WebEx’s. Anyone that missed the show or did not sign up for follow-up can call 813 864 8662 to schedule a custom WebEx.

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