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PilotFish Announces Major HL7 Enhancement to its XCS eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE

Support for Non-Standards Compliant HL7 Removes a Large Barrier to Healthcare Interoperability

Hartford, CT, November 30, 2011 (PR.COM)—November 17, 2011 – PilotFish, Inc. announces enhanced HL7 support for its HL7 Interface Engine for Healthcare. Licensed by organizations to support mission-critical systems integration involving sensitive health information, the latest edition of the XCS eiConsole for Healthcare, version 8.11R3, promises to even further reduce the barriers to interoperability of healthcare systems.

More than just a bucket of HL7 tools, the XCS eiConsole for Healthcare is a unique graphical development environment for creating interfaces without code. An extensive library of configurable connectivity, transformation, data manipulation, validation and testing components are composed on an interface assembly line, enabling the rapid production of high quality, consistent interfaces. Data mapping is achieved through intuitive drag & drop rather than unmanageable scripting or inflexible line-drawing.

The latest release includes a suite of enhancements related to its HL7 capabilities with extended HL7 Vocabulary Tool, inline references to HL7 documentation and code translation tables.

The centerpiece of the new release addresses implementations that do not strictly comply with HL7 standards. This feature, “Lenient HL7 Parsing,” provides an elegant solution to these deviations in HL7 usage.

“Many systems and organizations require or produce non-standards-compliant HL7. HL7 middleware that lacks a lenient parsing capability is compromised in these all-too-common scenarios, rendering the software practically useless,” said Neil Schappert, president of PilotFish Technology. “While other products are incapable of processing these non-standard HL7 messages, the XCS eiConsole for Healthcare’s new lenient HL7 parser can parse unknown segments, capturing the data for subsequent transformation and manipulation.”

The lenient parsing capability of the XCS eiConsole for Healthcare fills a vital gap in interoperability for healthcare. Organizations that have customized HL7 to suit their very specific requirements and, as a result, produce non-standards compliant HL7, will now be able to easily communicate with all entities in the healthcare ecosystem.

The XCS eiConsole for Healthcare is part of PilotFish Technology’s suite of XCS Healthcare Integration Solutions, a complete system for configuring, testing, validating, deploying, managing and maintaining complex interfaces.

Parties interested in learning more should visit the company’s website ( watch the online video demonstrations or call the company for a live demonstration.

About PilotFish Technology
Founded in 2001 and based in Middletown, CT, PilotFish, Inc. provides comprehensive software and services to enable the integration of disparate systems. Whether developing simple point-to-point interfaces or a comprehensive Service Oriented Architecture, PilotFish integration tools, using a modern architecture, can help to dramatically shorten project timelines, reduce risk and improve the quality of deliverables. For more information, visit, or for press or marketing inquiries, contact Monika Vainius at 813-864-8662.

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