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PilotFish Announces Enhanced Support for LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) in its Healthcare Integration Engine

Healthcare integration becomes further simplified with new HL7 tools added to the eiConsole for Healthcare’s extensive library of B2B adapters and processors

Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, a leading provider of middleware solutions, announced today that it has added enhanced support for the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to its HL7 Interface Engine – the eiConsole for Healthcare.

LDAP is an open standard for accessing centrally stored information over a network. Most commonly used for user management in a single sign-on environment, LDAP servers are flexible and adaptable enough to manage directories of any kind. These directories may store objects of varying types, with those objects associated with various attributes.

LDAP enables almost any application, running on virtually any computer platform, to obtain and/or manipulate directory information, such as email addresses and public keys. For instance, the DIRECT protocol specification uses LDAP, along with DNS, for digital certificate lookup.

The eiConsole has long provided access to LDAP directories through Java’s JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface). A new suite of LDAP-specific modules makes this support far more explicit:

The new LDAP Listener may be used to poll a specified LDAP server for changes.
The new LDAP Transport simplifies directory modifications, allowing updates through the widely implemented LDIF format.
The new LDAP Authentication Module can be used for simplified integration with LDAP-driven authentication stores.
Each of these components are fully integrated into the eiConsole’s intuitive Assembly Line approach for interface configuration. Implementation within an interface is accomplished via drop-down menus and simple, property-style configuration panels. The eiConsole’s new LDAP modules are added to the other 25 Listener adapters, 14 Transport adapters and 75 Processors that come bundled with the product. By utilizing these modules, users can handle virtually any integration scenario.

“We are excited to add new broad support for the LDAP or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, to our eiConsole for Healthcare,” said Monika Vainius, Executive Vice President of PilotFish Applied Healthcare Integration. “Following our product’s loosely coupled architecture, LDAP support has been extended with three new modules, the Listener, and Transport adapters and an authentication module. Our new advanced support for LDAP further broadens the eiConsole for Healthcare’s value proposition. By providing a product with an architecture that is highly extensible, we can continuously and easily add support for new technology as it emerges. The eiConsole for Healthcare provides our clients with a great value and a truly future-proof integration solution.”

Companies are encouraged to take advantage of PilotFish’s free 90-day, full version trial download of the eiConsole for Healthcare. With the Quick Start Tutorial, users can complete an end-to-end interface in less than 20 minutes. Organizations are encouraged to conduct a Proof of Concept (POC) for their particular use case. PilotFish can complete these in as little as 1-3 days, thereby providing organizations with the best metrics for selecting the right integration engine solution.

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