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New eiTestBed for Healthcare Integration from PilotFish Brings “Self-Service” B2B Connectivity to Healthcare Stakeholders

What Online Banking Did for the Financial Industry, the eiTestBed does for Healthcare by Providing Self-Service Implementation of B2B Data Exchange Along with 24/7 Access

MIDDLETOWN, CT – February 27, 2013 – Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, a provider of middleware solutions, announces the eiTestBed for Healthcare Integration. The eiTestBedis a cloud-based solution that provides all of the resources required to establish standardized initial and ongoing healthcare information exchange. The eiTestBed combines a web repository, with all the resources required to configure an interface to a host organization’s system, together with a fully automated testing facility that allows validation and simulation of information exchanges before going live with the interface.

The eiTestBed represents a healthcare interoperability breakthrough for onboarding data exchange customers of HIEs, Labs, Payers, Device and Equipment Manufacturers, Solution Providers and State Agencies—any organization that offers a standard set of interfaces, file formats or Web services for consumption by many customers.

“The eiTestBed lifts the tremendous burden placed on IT resources tasked with supporting customer implementations,” said Monika Vainius, Vice President of Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration. “By implementing an eiTestBed and automating what has been a highly manual process, 80% of the effort required for onboarding customers can be eliminated.”

By implementing an eiTestBed:

  • Individually providing customers with implementation requirements is replaced by forwarding them a URL. An online repository makes everything required to configure an interface to the host organization’s system available for download.
  • Desk-checking each sample data payload by staff is replaced with automated validation. Simulated responses to inbound messages are provided without requiring human intervention or full test environments.
  • Fielding customer questions is replaced with actionable error messages that tell customers not just that a problem occurred, but also how to fix it.
  • Hours spent tracking down why a customer’s message failed a test are replaced with a customer self-service log of messages.

The eiTestBed can be leveraged to mediate the transmission of electronic medical records between providers, accept orders for medical tests, conduct Meaningful Use certification in real-time, enable standardized integration into or out of software offerings, and quickly integrate large numbers of customers by offering standard APIs and providing automated testing and validation.

The eiTestBed is built on a flexible architecture that can be customized with private branding, implementation-specific documentation, and message validation rules. Unique security and transmission protocols, reporting requirements and endpoint system simulations are also available.

The eiTestBed automates manual processes and empowers customers to self-implement. By investing in the eiTestBed, highly coordinated work between an organization and its customers can be limited to truly implementation-unique discussions, for the benefit of all.

Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration is exhibiting at HiMSS13, March 4-6, 2013, New Orleans, LA, Booth #7941 – see live demos of the eiTestBed and eiConsole for Healthcare (an IDE featuring a graphical Assembly Line for configuring interfaces).

About PilotFish
Founded in 2001 and based in Middletown, CT, PilotFish Technology provides middleware software that enables the integration of disparate systems. The eiTestBed for Healthcare Integration is distributed through Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc. (APHI), a subsidiary of PilotFish Technology. APHI distributes products directly to healthcare end-users and through select channel partners.


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