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Middleware Gets Sexy!

Time for Some Red Hot HL7 Interface Education…

It’s all over Healthcare IT news – Middleware is the hot new thing in Healthcare IT. It’s the plug-n-play, sexy solution for solving hard healthcare integration problems and PilotFish Middleware does it easier and better. Our graphical tools automate the entire interfacing process so data can flow smoothly between legacy and new systems, as well as applications, devices, medical equipment, IoT and cloud solutions that don’t natively get along – all without any coding or scripting. PilotFish allows everyone and everything to play together! We’ve made it so easy, even non-developers can do up to 80-90% of the interface configuration!

So What’s Driving the Push to Sexy Middleware?

The push to middleware is driven by Government requirements (in some cases) and the lack of progress with interoperability within healthcare in general.

  • As reported in Black Book’s 2016 annual survey, 63% of hospitals and hospital systems have indicated that they are in the active stages of replacing their current HIE system with middleware or more advanced HIE solutions
  • The ECRI Institute, well-respected for its healthcare research, has recommended middleware as a possible solution to help meet The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals to improve patient care, facilitate the automation of clinical documentation and more.

I’m Sexy and I Know It or 2.0 Healthcare Innovation and Middleware Interoperability

It’s well known that middleware has facilitated integration within other industries. In fact, PilotFish has roots – going back over 16 years – in financial services and insurance. Its middleware solutions have facilitated the integration of hundreds of systems that were incapable of exchanging data directly. With PilotFish, millions of bits of data are now flowing freely connecting all these disparate systems. Financial services have embraced PilotFish middleware to solve their integration problems, and it’s time for healthcare to finally catch up.

Psst! Healthcare Confidential… Everyone Can Have Great Interoperability

Think about how smart, sexy middleware solutions could accelerate interoperability in healthcare. In the here and now, middleware can reduce time-consuming interface work that challenges even the most well-staffed and well-funded information technology teams. It can eliminate the one-off interfaces that are costly, difficult to manage and maintain. It can ensure the usefulness and use of EHR and HIE systems, be embedded in smart devices, bundled with applications and with equipment and offer real-time testing, validation, and monitoring capabilities. Plus, middleware is going to be even more critical as demand grows for multi-directional communication, seamless scalability and support for an accelerating stream of new protocols and data standards.

The Proof is in PilotFish’s Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface

PilotFish has success stories in virtually every area of healthcare. Solution providers and medical equipment and device makers are realizing incredible productivity gains with clients reporting that they can tweak default interface to bring on new customers in less than 30 minutes! Its ease-of-use is attested to as most of our clients achieve virtually 100% self-sufficiency in short order. The productivity gains come from a product suite that was designed based on years of doing client implementations and developing tools that were all focused on making integration fast and easy.  PilotFish middleware:

  • enables you to highly leverage reuse with one click interface cloning, just select “Duplicate” from a drop-down menu and tweak, test and go
  • is entirely graphical, uses configuration vs. coding and does not rely on proprietary scripting
  • is component driven and easily extensible with open source components using our Open API
  • offers an automated interface assembly line that speeds up most interface tasks
  • provides true graphical drag & drop data mapping that can handle even the most complex mapping requirements graphically, not simply the simplest
  • allows you to use the same tools, no matter what data formats you need to work with

PilotFish middleware can supercharge your integration requirements. Now, isn’t that sexy?

Ready to learn more? Call us at 813 864 8662 or click the link below to request a demo and learn how truly sexy PilotFish integration can be.

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