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Internet of Medical Things: Industry Roundtable Webinar


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Internet of Medical Things: Industry Roundtable Webinar

Thursday, November 17, 2016 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (EST)

Neil Schappert, CEO of Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration and President of PilotFish Technology, invites you to join him at the Internet of Medical Things: Industry Roundtable Webinar.

PreScouter, our roundtable sponsor, provides corporate innovation leaders with the data and insights on which to base product development and R&D planning decisions. In this timely industry roundtable, PreScouter is partnering with two experts in the Internet of Things and healthcare to discuss technology, trends, and changes triggered by the Internet of Medical Things.

You are invited to learn about how competitors are using Internet of Things to disrupt the healthcare and life sciences industries. We will explore how the role of medical device manufacturers will evolve, what technologies are needed to make IoT easier and more valuable in healthcare, and evolving opportunities for diagnostic equipment, healthcare applications, and cloud solutions

  • Benefits of this disruptive technology in play now
  • Differences in expectations and realities
  • Business imperatives for health IT organizations
  • How IoT truly spurs healthcare transformation

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Meet the Speakers and Internet of Medical Things Experts:

Featured at this exclusive webinar are Neil and Alox Tayi CEO at TetraScience, an Internet of Things platform for R&D. The discussion will be moderated by one of PreScouter’s project architects and authors of the recent “Internet of Things “report.

2016-neil-schappert-photoNeil Schappert is the founder and president of PilotFish Technology, and CEO of its wholly owned subsidiary, Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration. The PilotFish companies provide middleware products and services that enable the rapid interoperability and integration of disparate systems and devices. APHI’s integration solutions are bundled with diagnostic equipment, devices, healthcare applications and cloud solutions offered by companies ranging in size from Fortune 100 to start up ventures.


Alok-Tayi-300Alok Tayi is one of the guest speakers. Alok is the the CEO at TetraScience, an Internet of Things platform for R&D. TetraScience connects scientific instruments to the cloud and streams the data to a single online dashboard.

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