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New Visual Tools, Productivity Enhancing Widgets, and Faster Reuse

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PilotFish promises to wow crowds again at HiMSS17 with live demos of its graphical automated interface assembly line and code-free process to create interfaces to integrate ANYTHING to ANYTHING. New this year are graphical enhancements to its visual tools that make creating interfaces even easier and more intuitive. We’ve also added powerful new widgets to process data and support for new listener and transport protocols that enhance user productivity. Additionally, we have enhanced our support for the new FHIR standard for rapid implementation using the FHIR standard.


Enhanced UX: New Visual Tools Enrich the Only Interface Engine with a Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line

The PilotFish 7-stage graphical automated interface assembly line allows users to visually see their interface and the data flow.  With our new feature, users can select from a library of custom icons to represent their source and target systems. As with our other components, this is done graphically using a simple configuration panel that lets users quickly choose from hundreds of icons designed to represent the almost unlimited number of systems they can integrate to or from. Users may add their own custom icons as well. See the screen shot below (click the image for a full size view) – at a glance the assembly line provides users with a visual representation of their interface starting on the left with their source system(s), next the connectivity required, on to the source transformation, then routing and additional transformation to the target system (if needed), followed by the transport mechanism and finishing with the target system(s).


The PilotFish eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE Automated Graphical Assembly Line

Users can integrate ANYTHING to ANYTHING using the eiConsole’s 7 stage assembly line, no matter what the format or what the communication protocol. Each interface follows the same repeatable process. The graphical assembly line has also undergone a “facelift.” A new modern look, UI design changes and new vector style icons make navigating through the product easier and working with it faster.

The eiConsole for Healthcare’s data mapper, the other hallmark of the PilotFish product, has also been graphically enhanced. PilotFish has the only graphical three pane drag & drop data mapper that supports mappings of any length and any complexity, while remaining graphically functional. Users can work in the graphical mode and via a tab switch back and forth to the XSLT mode where changes in one, are reflected in the other, all in real-time. PilotFish has improved color coding for editing the XSLT making it even easier and faster for users who choose to work in the W3C compliant, XSLT mode. (Live demos of the product will be given at Booth #6861 at HiMSS17)

Souped-Up Automation & Productivity – New Built-in Processors and Listeners and Transport Adapters

Users gain tremendous productivity with the eiConsole’s Listener and Transport Adapters and built-in Processors. These components automate the process of connecting systems or performing complex manipulation of the data. Using these is simple, just select from a drop-down menu of the available options which have pre-built configuration panels for each. Users need only fill out a few fields to establish communication with systems and to perform manipulation of the data. Processors can also be chained for even more complex functions.

New components include:

Easy Plug n’ Play: Interface Reuse as Fast and Simple as Clone, Tweak, Test & Go

The key to reusability and how easily an interface can be cloned and tweaked is directly related to the engine’s design and architecture. PilotFish is architected to make the process fast and easy:

Note: In our most recent survey clients have reported that their default interfaces are being cloned and tweaked to support new client implementations in under 30 minutes.

Extended Support for the new FHIR Standard

Why go with a solution that can’t grow with you and the industry? As FHIR takes hold and gets implemented, you can be interoperable with FHIR enabled EHRs virtually instantly with PilotFish. PilotFish’s new FHIR support includes:

Stop by our Booth #6861 at HiMSS17 to see what’s new and what PilotFish can do for you.

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