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EOL for Your Integration Software – a Blessing in Disguise or a Curse?

Integration Software EOL

Have you been left holding the bag or handed a big opportunity when a vendor declares End-of-Life (EOL) status and end of support for your integration software?

The reality is that when the vendor failed to modernize and invest in their own software, it hit compromised “maintenance mode” long before it limped to its End-of-Life final stage.

Understandably, decision makers get trapped into continued use of outdated integration software because the sunk investment is so great – hundreds of interfaces in production, user familiarity, etc. But beware of the “curse” of continued use. 

Continued-Use of Outdated and Unsupported Integration Software Ends Up a Curse

Security and operating systems patches, bug fixes and upgrades automatically stop. All that leads to hardware support and maintenance risk – not to mention all the potential compliance, legal and regulatory liability. More and more resources get shifted to maintain the software past its EOL. As time goes on, risks to your data infrastructure and unpredictable rising costs simply aren’t worth it.

Don’t Pass Up the Business Case Opportunity that Integration Software EOL Creates

EOL frees you to take advantage of modern tools, technologies, automation and processes – a move you may have been reluctant to make before.

Now you can leverage robust solutions to enable data integration between any and all systems, applications, databases, operating systems and platforms. Top competitors for your business should:

  • Handle every integration use case easily with lightweight solutions
  • Allow business users to handle a majority of integrations, freeing up expensive IT talent
  • Slash implementation and deployment timelines with automation, ease-of-use, templates and reuse
  • Be a single integration solution able to handle data migration and transformations beginning-to-end… and more.

While it may not have seemed like great news at the time, you can turn EOL into a “blessing in disguise”. You’ll better serve your business constituents, avoid risk and decrease operational costs.

You’ll accelerate return on investment as you realize significant cost savings. Don’t cry. Celebrate!

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