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HL7 Interface Templates


PilotFish HL7 Interface Templates Speed Up HL7 Integration

Choose from PilotFish’s extensive library of pre-built HL7 interfaces for the eiConsole for Healthcare. Download them for FREE from the PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE) and ramp up your integration projects. Get started today!

  • Organizations can create a private PIE where they can share their interfaces between different departments or teams.
  • Organizations can save hundreds of hours of time by leveraging the PIE and tweaking downloaded templates to meet their own requirements.
  • Solution providers can publish their interfaces to make them easily available to their customers for download.

View all the available HL7 and other interface templates on the PIE. Downloaded interface templates immediately appear in the eiConsole user’s inbox where they can be tweaked and used like any other interface.

Foster collaboration. Leverage re-use. Use the PIE. Here are some examples:

Watch how rapidly you can build an interface using an HL7 interface template with the eiConsole for Healthcare IDE!

Speed up healthcare and HL7 interface development with the eiConsole Healthcare Interface Engine IDE with HL7 Message Support. About the PIE

The eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE is part of the PilotFish Interface Development Life Cycle – a complete system for building, maintaining, testing, and deploying interfaces.

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