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Build Healthcare Interfaces Faster and For Less

PilotFish Makes It Simple –
No Code Graphical Interface Configuration and Low Monthly Subscription Costs

Now you can configure any interface (no matter how complex or what the data format or communications protocol), handle any workflow pattern, transform data into any format and add routing or error handling, all graphically with PilotFish.

Using PilotFish, you can create interfaces faster, make your interfaces easier to maintain and never be dependent on who created an interface. And with one low monthly fee, you’ll never have to worry about connection fees or per interface charges ever again – no matter how many interfaces you need to build.

PilotFish is different. In the same way that the “Assembly Line” revolutionized manufacturing, the PilotFish “Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line” revolutionizes healthcare integration. It’s so easy to learn and use that non-developers can do up to 90% of your interfacing work. Users step through 7 stages to easily configure any interface with automation built in to make it faster and simpler. PilotFish does this by providing:

  • Drop-down menus to select from a list of built-in connectors that establish rapid connectivity with source and target systems
  • Integrated transformation modules and format readers to read in and work with data instantly
  • Pre-built modules that are a cinch to configure that support prevalent workflow patterns common to more complex business process modeling (BPM) scenarios
  • Pre-built configuration panels to set up Transaction Monitoring such as error reporting and logging, in seconds
  • An exclusive Graphical Data Mapper with built-in transformation modules and format builders to automate building any mapping (no matter how complex) using drag & drop (with no programming or scripting required)
  • Automated testing with an inline end-to-end graphical testing tool – start and stop at any stage, view output, and any errors plus save yourself hours of time testing
  • The ability to Reuse an HL7 Interface with one click, then tweak and go


Simple, Smart Healthcare Integration

PilotFish tools are being leveraged in virtually every area of healthcare to handle any kind of integration scenario you’ll ever run into. We’ve defeated every integration challenge ever thrown at us in the complex world of HL7 interfaces so you can rest assured we can meet yours, too. Read our Healthcare Integration Case Studies If your current vendor charges fees per connection, interface or client – with growth and success, you’ll see your costs surge and rise exponentially, but not with PilotFish.

Want to learn more? Call us at 813 864 8662 to request a demo or take a test drive today.


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