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PilotFish Has Been Implemented in Virtually Every Area of Healthcare

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Epic Integration, Mega Results

Find out how one Solution Provider was able to leverage PilotFish to guarantee message delivery and highly levarage reuse for quickly onboarding new Hospital clients.

Big Data, Big Data Analytics Integration Challenges

Find out how this mega provider of business intelligence software and services utilized PilotFish for an architected solution that was an enterprise level, high performance, accurate and scalable “data acquisition” framework.

MEDITECH Integration Backlog Blasted

Find out how this Medical Lab has implemented PilotFish as the central enterprise service bus and data transformation framework to streamline operations, manage timelines and increase revenue.

Interop-Capable Equipment Envy

Find out how this international provider of medical equipment uses the PilotFish integration solution suite to remotely install, configure and deploy to maintain a competitive edge.

Mega Transactions, No-Fail Integration for this HIE and Claims Clearinghouse

Find out how this Healthcare Claims Clearinghouse and HIE leveraged PilotFish and re-engineered and transitioned its claims processing architecture with no disruption to existing connections or increase in resources.

Astronomical Productivity Gains for Revenue Cycle Solutions Company

Revenue cycle solutions company leveraged PilotFish to initiate automation to introduce a tenfold improvement in capacity in one area and achieve a 360% increase in productivity in another.

New Paradigm – Automated Message Testing and Validation

Find out how the PilotFish solution dramatically reduced the man hours, calendar days and budget hours required to successfully onboard electronic trading partners.

State Secrets to Interfacing the Nation

Learn how State Government leveraged the PilotFish suite of integration products to employ a “federated” approach to achieving inter- and intra-agency integration.

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