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Pilotfish Exhibiting at HiMSS16

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Solutions-Focused, Future Thinking

A Quick Review of what You’ll See at PilotFish at HiMSS16, that You Won’t See Anywhere Else!

Join PilotFish at HIMSS16. Here’s why it’s worth your time.

HIMSS is an exciting, huge event. Why spend your valuable time with us? It’s simple— because you’ll find innovations in integration that speed up implementations to meet tighter implementation deadlines and get revenues in the door faster, that you won’t see anywhere else at HiMSS16.

Experience lightning fast integration with PilotFish’s Automated Interface Assembly Line. Drop by to see our LIVE DEMO taking place every 10 minutes. See the only Automated Interface Assembly Line in the industry in action.

The assembly line has long been considered one of the greatest transformational innovations of the American economy. Now the PilotFish Automated Interface Assembly Line can dramatically speed up and change how integration gets done for you.

Create interfaces by configuration not coding. Use configuration panels with drop-down menus with built-in format readers, over 25 transmission protocols (with all popular ones included). Use over 75 processors to perform operations that affect all of the incoming data. Layer them or easily reorder to match the order of execution for your interface for maximum flexibility. Or “roll your own” custom processor using a simple, well-documented API. Do drag & drop mapping. Graphically do anything you can do programmatically. Clone and tweak interfaces and components to maximize reuse for rapid implementations and more…

Get ready for the power and flexibility to integrate ANYTHING TO ANYTHING

Know no boundaries with a platform, operating system, application server and data base agnostic solution. PilotFish offers the only commercially supported healthcare interface engine solution that allows clients to leverage open source components with open APIs. The architecture of the eiPlatform easily facilitates extending the software to support new standards and technologies, too.

Get your integration on FHIR with our fully implemented FHIR support

Why go with a solution that can’t grow with you and the industry. All the buzz is about FHIR, with PilotFish as your partner, once the standard takes hold and gets implemented, you can be interoperable with FHIR enabled EHRs, virtually instantly. PilotFish’s new FHIR support includes:

  • Custom FHIR Format Reader to easily read in FHIR data.
  • Graphical Data Mapper to map the FHIR standard to or from a canonical format.

Discover the eiDashboard our new RESTful-based, real-time operational reporting & management component

The eiDashboard allows you to monitor the health of your interfaces from high-level message orchestrations all the way down to discrete operations. PilotFish’s new web-based user interface delivers multi-level operational insight of all interface activity. It delivers with greatly reduced downtime and the ability to fix issues on the fly.

Explore a profitable relationship with the PilotFish team of experts

Benefit too from flexible licensing options specifically geared to Solution Providers, Medical Equipment and Device Makers and VARs with low cost, bundling restricted licenses and end-user server packs.

Ten minutes of your time can actually be transformed into money. We are willing to bet we’ll help sell your products faster and boost your revenues. It’s a wager we don’t make lightly.

Let’s make HiMSS16 transformational and profitable –and move interoperability forward. We hope to see you at Booth #8105. Get easier, faster solutions to complex integration requirements. Get automated, now with PilotFish!

Not attending HiMSS? We’d be happy to do a custom demonstration. Please Contact us at 813 864 8662 or Email us.

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