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Healthcare Interoperability Standards

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The Proliferation of Healthcare Standards Creates New Challenges

With the proliferation of standards, healthcare interoperability remains even more elusive. The unique and special requirements of healthcare stakeholders have necessitated the need to extend standards, further increasing the complexity of healthcare integration. It’s clear, by now, that a one size fits all approach does not work in healthcare. Accepting this fact and that Healthcare IT systems will never all speak the same language is fundamental to solving healthcare interoperability.

That’s why PilotFish has taken the approach that we have. We’ve acknowledged that Healthcare IT will continue to be comprised of disparate systems using different protocols and have architected our solution around this reality. Our products are flexible and extensible and have been uniquely architected to handle the rich semantics of industry standards and any XML standard.

What our integration engine solution does is enable organizations to rationalize the myriad of data formats, communication protocols, programming languages and encryption methods used through a transformation to a single common set of standards to meet their needs. We offer organizations the ability to work with any standard and have developed special tools that handle extended and even non-standards compliant versions. We offer 25 communications protocols out-of-the-box and Open APIs to extend them if the need arises.

PilotFish’s integration engine solution offers:

  • Built-in support for all versions of HL7 2.x, extended and even non-standards compliant versions
  • Native support for any XML standard such as HL7 3.x, and future healthcare standards
  • Built-in support for DICOM, CCD/CDA, CCR, EDI X12, HIPAA EDI (827, 820, etc.) Positional Flat Files, Delimited Files, CSV, XLS / XLSX, Semi-Structured Text, XML and Binary (.pdf, .wav, .jpg)

A Flexible and Extensible Architecture to Meet Healthcare’s Ever-Evolving Requirements

At the core of PilotFish’s offerings is the ability to easily and quickly add support to meet new requirements. We’ve created a custom HL7 Parser that is far more lenient and can handle non-standards compliant HL7. We’ve built an EDI parser that can correctly identify and group tags within messages, and offers better performance and reliability.

Our open API’s allow users to easily add open source components, too, using Java or a .Net bridge.

Healthcare Integration Your Way

PilotFish does not lock you into technology stacks either. We are platform, server, and database agnostic. Our data mapper leverages W3C compliant XSLT, not some proprietary scripting or coding language. Take advantage of existing healthcare standards with the tools to work with them, not against them.

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