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Healthcare Interface Software Demonstration Video

Video of PilotFish’s eiConsole, HL7 Interface Engine

Buckle up for a test drive of the fastest, easiest and most powerful HL7 interface engine on the planet. In just a 20 minute Test Drive, using our Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line, you’ll configure an interface end-to-end using no coding or scripting.

Stepping through the eiConsole for Healthcare’s 7 stage Assembly Line you’ll be presented with simple configuration panels with automated features to communicate with systems, transform and route data and handle error reporting and a wide variety of workflow patterns.

To schedule a Free Demonstration and to learn about what PilotFish Solutions can do for your organization, please click the link below or contact us at 813 864 8662 or Email us.

HL7 is the registered trademark of Health Level Seven International.

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