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Guide to eiPortal for Interface Testing & Validation

Self-Service Interface Testing and Validation in 6 Easy Steps


Step 1. Customer Registers on Your eiPortal

Provide your customer with the URL to your eiPortal where they fill out a simple form, register and login. A rich, graphical user interface makes the eiPortal easy to use. Help screens get them on their way fast. Tutorials walk them through using the eiPortal. A video demo shows them the eiPortal, step-by-step.



2. Customer Downloads Your Implementation Materials

The “Documentation” tab provides customers with a web repository that includes everything they need to interface with your system – sample files, implementation guides, interface templates and any other documentation you wish to provide, along with your organization’s contact information. Note: Publishing your organization’s materials on the eiPortal is easy. An intuitive Wizard gets your materials up in minutes and it’s all perfectly organized.)


3. Customer Configures the Interface to Your System

Using the downloaded materials, the customer configures the interface using their existing integration tools, or optionally, PilotFish’s eiConsole for Healthcare graphical interface engine IDE. (Shown above the eiConsole’s graphical, drag & drop Data Mapper.)


4. Customer Tests Their Message(s) Automatically

Once your customer has configured their interface they return to your eiPortal. The “Send Message” tab presents them with the option to copy and paste their sample message or to select a file for testing. They click “Send Message” to initiate automated testing.


5. Customer Reviews Validation Results

The “Validation” tab presents a filterable/sortable list of every message they have sent. Messages with a green checkmark have passed validation rules or defined tests. Messages with a red “X” have failed. Messages can be expanded to review their contents and to view specific validation errors. Actionable error responses tell your customers how to fix a problem, not just that one occurred.

Within VALIDATION the ACTIONS tab provides emulation of requests and responses so customers can test not only the messages they create, but those their systems must be able to consume.

They continue to tweak and test until all validation rules are passed.


6. Customer Deploys the Interface

When satisfied with their self-testing (all validation results show green check marks) your customer contacts your technical representative for final integration testing and production deployment.

For an illustrated diagram of how the eiPortal works click here.

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To find out more about how an eiPortal can help your organization leverage automation, self-service testing and validation please call us at 813 864 8662 or click the link below to email us.

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