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EDI X12 Integration

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EDI X12 Transaction Integration Painless with PilotFish’s eiConsole for X12

PilotFish’s Interface Engine solutions allow healthcare users to quickly leverage the EDI X12 data critical to significant developments in population health initiatives and analytics. Healthcare solution providers in virtually every area of healthcare benefit immediately from PilotFish’s unified and automated approach to EDI transaction processing. To start, they are now able to quickly realize newly efficient processes resulting in significantly lower operational and maintenance costs. This helps lower the cost of delivering healthcare and of processing claims.

As a select distribution partner of X12, PilotFish has been licensed to redistribute artifacts of the X12 standard as a component of its eiConsole for X12 bundle. PilotFish embeds in-depth knowledge of the X12 schemas and standards within the eiConsole and eiPlatform product suite. Breakthrough productivity-boosting features strip away the technical complexity of parsing, validating, mapping and producing EDI X12 files.

With functionality unlocked by the eiConsole for X12 bundle, users now are able to:

  • Parse ANY X12 Transaction as XML
  • Validate X12 Messages during processing for structure and basic SNIP levels
  • Review and Map XML using human-readable (and easily understood) “Friendly Names”
  • Automatically Convert to human-readable text all encountered compact-consistent code values
  • Browse and Search the hierarchy of any X12 Message during data mapping
  • Produce ANY X12 Transaction from a corresponding XML representation
  • Scale to Interface large X12 Transactions through parallelized batch processing


PilotFish’s Interface Engine’s graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line process allows EDI interfaces to be developed and handled as easily as any other format such as XML and HL7 using a consistent, canonical and fully graphical approach. No coding, no scripting required. Non-developers can do up to 90% of the work too. Interface reuse further slashes implementation timelines.

PilotFish Redefined How HL7 Integration Gets Done – Now Does the Same for EDI X12

PilotFish’s Interface Engine solutions bridge the gap between legacy and new systems, applications and devices, equipment and databases. Integrating anything and everything is easier than you ever imagined. That includes EDI X12 as well as HL7 from 2.2 to 2.7 or HL7 3.x, HL7 FHIR and any update, other data format or industry standard that you will ever need.


EDI X12 Transaction Type selection in Software

eiConsole for Healthcare EDI Format Builder’s Drop-Down Menu


The Format Builder (above) loads a rich data dictionary for EDI transactions including field-level documentation and friendly field names. In the eiConsole, PilotFish’s EDI format reader provides automatic processes to parse and read in X12 transactions. Mapping all HIPAA EDI transactions is easy with PilotFish, too!


Friendly Names provide human-readable segment, field, and code descriptions inline. 

Friendly Names provide human-readable segment, field, and code descriptions inline. 
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Benefit from EDI Integration at Lightning Speed

With the PilotFish Interface Engine solution and graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line, interfaces are rapidly built, managed and maintained with automated functions at each of the Assembly Line’s 7 stages. Implementation times are slashed with reuse made possible by component-driven architecture. Resource costs decrease significantly as non-developers and business analysts can do up to 90% of your interface work. The result: faster, pain-free, lower-cost EDI implementations and greater revenue capture sooner.

For more on PilotFish’s EDI tools and resources, go to EDI Data Mapping and EDI Transactions.

We invite you to take advantage of PilotFish’s eiConsole for Healthcare by downloading a full, FREE 90-day trial version of our software. Users can try out our new EDI Transformation Module and Format Builder. With the Quick Start Tutorial, users can complete an end-to-end interface in less than 20 minutes and get a real sense of the ease-of-use of PilotFish’s Interface Engine solutions.

For more information please call us at 813 864 8662 or click the link below to email us.

HL7 is the registered trademark of Health Level Seven International. X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute for more than 35 years, develops and maintains EDI standards and XML schemas.

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