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ANSI X.12 EDI Integration


EDI Integration with One-Click Parsing of Any ANSI X.12 EDI Transaction with the eiConsole for Healthcare

PilotFish frees up developers and non-developers alike from the often tedious process of EDI integration. Building interfaces using these EDI formats has historically required specialized tools built solely to enable EDI processing, or the highly manual definition of EDI parsing scripts. PilotFish has unified EDI processing with the eiConsole for Healthcare. Users follow the same Assembly Line process as for all other integration scenarios. This allows EDI interfaces to be developed with not only the same ease, but the same familiar process as other formats such as XML and HL7. It’s a breakthrough process for EDI integration.

The eiConsole’s custom EDI Transformation module is capable of parsing ANY file generated in accordance with X.12 published EDI schemas. With this new advancement, PilotFish users merely need to choose the EDI Format Builder from a dialogue menu and then select the appropriate EDI transaction from a drop-down. There is no need to manually define the structure of the file, as the tool can work with them right out-of-the-box.

EDI Parsing in PilotFish EDI Integration Software

Shown: the eiConsole for Healthcare EDI Format Builder’s drop-down menu. The Format Builder will load a rich data dictionary for EDI transactions including field-level documentation and friendly field names.

As is the case with reading in any version of HL7 from 2.2 to 2.7 or HL7 3.x in the eiConsole, PilotFish’s new EDI format reader makes it an automatic process to parse and read in ANSI X.12 transactions. Mapping HIPAA EDI transactions is easy with PilotFish, too. Click on EDI Data Mapping to learn about mapping EDI transactions in the eiConsole for Healthcare.

Click on this List for which ANSI X.12 formats are supported.

We invite you to take advantage of PilotFish’s full version, trial download of the eiConsole for Healthcare. Users can try out our new EDI Transformation Module and Format Builder. With the Quick Start Tutorial, users can complete an end-to-end interface in less than 20 minutes and get a true sense of the ease of use of the software.

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