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Don’t Think Middleware is Sexy?

Middleware for Healthcare Integration is the Sexy Solution to Interoperability

Time for Some Red Hot HL7 Interface Education…

If you have not read about it already, Middleware is the hot new thing in healthcare integration. It’s the plug n’ play sexy solution to interoperability. With middleware, data flows smoothly between existing systems and software to systems, applications, devices, medical equipment and cloud solutions. It marries the disparate, new and legacy systems everywhere in healthcare.

Middleware Gets Sexy

Middleware is now being exploited as the answer to fast track interoperability as:

  • Healthcare providers scramble to meet current Interoperability deadlines by the end of 2018 (MACRA and DOD and VA)
  • 63% of hospitals and hospital systems report they are in the active stages of replacing their current HIE system with more advanced HIE or middleware solutions, according to Black Book’s 2016 annual survey. Plus, interoperability middleware is a fast-growing consideration for 16% of hospital systems IT leaders with EHR-dependent HIE grievances.
  • ECRI Institute, respected for its healthcare research, recommends middleware as a solution to explore to help meet National Patient Safety Goals and improve patient care. ECRI noted middleware can also facilitate the automation of clinical documentation, perform remote surveillance and perform data aggregation for retrospective review and analysis.

So what’s Middleware’s greatest new sex appeal? It plays well with anyone and it can
integrate everything and anything in the API economy!

I’m Sexy and I Know It or 2.0 Healthcare Innovation and Middleware Interoperability

Even as Healthcare 2.0 innovation causes hearts to race in the quest to disrupt and drastically improve healthcare, growing consensus is that the really hot stuff is infrastructure and integration. It’s the secret to scalability and growth – and to causing money to flow from the big players.

With the explosion of data sources in healthcare from electronic medical records to the Internet of Things (IoT), images, unstructured data and more, success is going to be determined by how well these exciting applications can harness the data.

So, we see Healthcare 2.0 vendors turning to middleware solutions that have proven themselves in other industries. Vertical markets such as retail, banking, transportation and others long ago solved interoperability with middleware. Plus, as wearables and IoT devices are becoming more powerful and more connected, more and different middleware solutions will be required. The thrill continues!

Psst! Healthcare Confidential… Everyone Can Have Great Interoperability

There’s simply no reason not to exploit middleware to the same success as in other industries. In fact, PilotFish has been doing it successfully for over 18 years, starting in Financial Services and Insurance. Think about how smart, sexy middleware solutions could accelerate interoperability in healthcare. In the here and now, middleware can reduce time-consuming interface work that challenges even the most well-staffed and well-funded information technology teams. It can ensure the usefulness and use of EHR and HIE systems, be embedded in smart devices and offer real-time testing, validation, and monitoring capabilities. Plus, middleware is going to be even more critical as demand grows for multi-directional communication, seamless scalability and support for an accelerating stream of new protocols. In short, middleware can supercharge the entire industry in delivering superior value to patients. Now, isn’t that sexy?

For more proof-of-concept Read Our Case Studies

If you’re interested in learning more about how your organization could exploit middleware shoot me an email at, I’d love to hear from you!


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Monika Vainius

Written by: Monika Vainius

Executive Vice President of Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration. Monika has extensive experience with systems interoperability. She combines this experience with her professional passion for healthcare and healthcare technology to comment on current healthcare and IT news. Website

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