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PilotFish Healthcare Interoperability Value Proposition

Healthcare interoperability, in the end, is about integrating disparate sets of data to limit both financial and clinical risk. Stated differently, it’s about optimizing healthy organizational and patient outcomes. People can greatly underestimate what it takes to make that work. That’s where the PilotFish value proposition proves itself again and again. 

Yes, healthcare is moving toward a more interoperable world, but it pays to be realistic. It is unlikely that anytime soon all systems will “talk the same language” – use the exact same standard, and use the same connectivity protocols. Organizations that leverage PilotFish middleware can reap the reachable benefits of healthcare interoperability today.

PilotFish’s middleware interface engine solutions can be leveraged by end users or bundled with other applications to be deployed at customer sites. Restricted licenses bring the cost down of a production server license to a fraction of a full license cost. Implementations go faster and run smoother while maintenance is far easier. Organizations are no longer tethered to maintaining a system or keeping it current so your resources are freed up to focus on your core business.

It’s a great value proposition!

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