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PilotFish Methodology for Healthcare Interface Software

We believe that the key to interoperability is loosely coupling systems. Plug & Play cannot be achieved in the near term. In healthcare, there are too many legacy and disparate systems, too many standards and too much customization. PilotFish middleware, however, can handle the differences in data formats, the extended versions of standards, and the different “flavors” of standards.

Over the course of 19 years and hundreds of implementations, we have developed and refined a methodology for the configuration, testing, and deployment of interfaces and process orchestrations. We have an unparalleled track record of success.

What differentiates our products and approach?  Our clients tell us it’s the ROI they gain from:

  • Ease-of-use, graphical interface, drag & drop functionality
  • Assembly Line approach that is self-documenting
  • Virtually unlimited extensibility
  • Simple interface configuration processes that handle tasks at all levels of difficulty
  • A superior parser
  • The PilotFish Interface Exchange “App Store”
  • Specific tools within the product that make it easy for non-technical staff and BAs to develop interfaces and then hand them off to developers
  • Our more responsive and capable services team

Interfaces are always configured the same way, allowing anyone to maintain them afterward. Since you are also not always reinventing the wheel, interface configuration is far easier and less costly. The benefit and payback: Capabilities that vastly speed up the integration process.

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