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Interface Reuse for Rapid Implementation

PilotFish Users Can Implement a New Customer in Under 30 Minutes!

The quicker you can automate processes and implement a new customer, the faster you can get revenues in the door. How does implementing new customers in less than 30 minutes sound? Solution providers can hit that incredible benchmark remarkably consistently with PilotFish’s HL7 Interface Engine.

The PilotFish HL7 Interface Engine offers solution providers automation, flexibility and an architecture designed specifically to highly leverage reuse. As the industry knows well – not all interface engines make reuse easy, and worse, some don’t offer the capability at all. PilotFish, in contrast, is designed to make interface reuse fast and easy.  In fact, the secret to reusability and how easily an interface can be cloned and tweaked is directly related to an engine’s design and architecture.

With PilotFish, Interface Reuse is as Easy as “Clone, Tweak, Test & Go!”

Here’s how! With our exclusive Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line – every interface, no matter what the integration requirements, data formats or connectivity, can be configured following 7 stages, all without any coding or scripting. You save money and time as PilotFish is architected to exploit reuse:

  • Loosely coupled components – data mapping, transaction monitoring, transformations and connectivity configurations – means easy reuse in other implementations.
  • Need to change and configure a new protocol? Select from a drop-down menu and fill in a few fields to switch from file-based communication to HL7 LLP, FTP or a Web Service.
  • Simply select “Duplicate” from the File menu to clone or reuse an interface or interface template. Just tweak, test and go.

Reuse Success from the Moment You Onboard a Customer

Speed and ease of use are why organizations in virtually every area of healthcare have been able to leverage PilotFish for reuse and shorten their implementation timelines. All of your tweaks can be made following the eiConsole’s assembly line process and, as reported by our clients, usually accomplished in under 30 minutes!

Also, our interface engine solution is so easy-to-learn and use that 80-90% of your interfacing work can be done by non-developers in minutes.

Nearly Every Organization Can Benefit from PilotFish’s Rapid Reuse

Our clients affirm the advantages and rewards of reuse and PilotFish. Here is just a sample of the wide variety of PilotFish customers profiting from rapid reuse capabilities:


Major Division of One of the Nation’s Largest Food Service and Support Services Company

Cloud-based solution provides patient-specific dietary food requirements, integrated with Hospital EMR and billing systems

After licensing PilotFish, the division created their “gold standard” interface (based on an Epic integration). Now using this default interface template, they implement a new customer in less than 30 minutes by just cloning and tweaking their gold standard interface.


Leading Clinical Laboratory Billing and Collection Company

Cloud-based solution enables lab clients to maximize profitability through optimization of their revenue cycle and reimbursement                                                               

With PilotFish, the creation and implementation of just half a dozen interfaces – the client can copy an existing live interface, rename it, tweak the mapping to fit, run a couple of test files and then turn the new interface on live – all in under two hours.


Medical Equipment Company with International Distribution

Automated medication dispensing cart and application integrated with Hospital EHR systems

The company’s medication dispensing application, bundled with PilotFish’s interface engine, gets deployed on a server at hospital client sites across the world. Working remotely is crucial to keeping costs down for international deployments.  Now a default interface can be tweaked in minutes to support a new customer. All software configurations including setting up the database and the PilotFish engine, tweaking the interface and connecting to the EMR is accomplished in under 4 hours.


Clearinghouse for Healthcare Claims Data and HIE for Clinical Data 

Secure gateway for the electronic exchange of data, serving large healthcare networks and private practices

Connected to over 4,000 payers nationwide, this clearinghouse ensures that transactions are timely and secure. Now with several standard interfaces, they can chain different components together and tweak for the needs of specific customers. The component driven architecture of PilotFish allows them to leverage entire routes, transformations, custom modules and call-outs to rapidly meet customer needs. By simply assigning them credentials and providing documentation on their endpoints, the client reports that for 95% of its customers they can now use PilotFish out of the box.


Subsidiary of One of North America’s Largest Labs

Leading provider of medical laboratory services, health and insurance solutions integrated with hospitals, practices, other medical labs, Provincial Ministries of Health, Government and patient portals

Extremely well-suited to help the firm meet their diverse integration requirements, PilotFish enables multiple patterns for reuse including: cloning existing interfaces and tweaking them; utilizing a library of existing templates to select the closest to what is required for new one;  using an existing interface as-is for multiple integration points and chaining “standard” interfaces with implementation-specific variants.


Shorten implementation timelines, get interfaces into action fast, kick off revenue generation quicker and make your new customers very happy!  See what PilotFish interface engine solutions do for you with a proof of concept or start with a private demo.


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