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HL7 Tools (cont.)

Increase Productivity with these other HL7 Tools and Simplify HL7 Interface Development

Inline Documentation

With the eiConsole for Healthcare you can browse the entire HL7 vocabulary for 2.x and 3.x versions including codelist tables right from within the application. No more wasting time searching for information outside your application. Explore the HL7 data dictionary with a tree-based navigation system, similar to a file system explorer, too.

Transaction Samples

While it’s possible to build an entire mapping from scratch, it’s often faster to drag-and-drop source values onto a sample target message or transaction. Automatically create a skeleton for your transformation with sample source and target files. Need to generate a CCD or CCR? Template-based mappings make this painless. With the XCS eiConsole for Healthcare with HL7 Message support you benefit from the direct import of vendor-specific HL7 transaction samples for data mapping. Our three pane drag and drop mapping feature makes time consuming mapping a thing of the past.

Schema Management

Easily manage the HL7 Standard including variations to the standard and custom interpretations. Are you dreading a new HL7 release? Feeling anxiety about migrating to a different HL7 version? Have a custom HL7 version that is too large and unwieldy to handle? The eiConsole for Healthcare with HL7 Message support transforms HL7 to create a manageable schema. The eiConsole’s Data Mapper component facilitates performing all the tasks associated with HL7 schema management including creating custom extensions, upgrading to new versions and schema slicing.

Easily mediate the differences between various HL7 implementations.


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