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HL7 Friendly Name Option


Replace Cryptic HL7 Names with Simple, Understandable Synonyms and Speed Up Integration by 10 to 20x

Mapping and manipulating the widely-adopted HL7 2.x data standard is a common task. Unfortunately, this very typical requirement when configuring an HL7 interface is also arduous. Message, Segment, Component and Field names used in HL7 2.x messages are cryptic and require expert-level knowledge to decipher on-the-fly. Working with and mapping data to or from HL7 2.x involves the time consuming process of going back and forth between code and a vocabulary lookup tool.

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The “Friendly-Name” feature of the eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE allows users to bind HL7 messages to or from human-readable XML. The eiConsole’s parsing and binding functionality optionally replaces those cryptic HL7 names with simple, understandable synonyms derived from field descriptions in the appropriate version of the HL7 vocabulary.

When used in conjunction with the eiConsole IDE Data Mapper, users can create drag & drop data mappings using only the “friendly” versions of the HL7 field names. In combination with the ability to browse the in-line vocabulary and code table reference, the “Friendly Name” feature allows users to focus on logically mapping their data – and not waste time keeping track of what a field is or how it is defined.

The eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE and the Friendly-Name component are part of the PilotFish Interface Development Life Cycle – a complete system for building, maintaining, testing and deploying interfaces.

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