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Healthcare Interoperability Solved

Healthcare Interoperability Solved

The PilotFish Interface Development Life Cycle –
Provides support for every aspect of healthcare integration

Realize Healthcare Interoperability Without Blowing Your Budget

The eiPlatform is an HL7 Interface Engine powerhouse. On the eiPlatform you can deploy hundreds of interfaces to a single server. NTM Acceleration, Intelligent Caching, and other performance-inducing techniques allow a single healthcare integration server to connect a theoretically limitless number of healthcare information systems. Dramatically lower the total number of interfaces required between internal and external business applications, too, with a common model method of integration (many to one and one to many) so healthcare interoperability actually comes within easy reach.

Pilotfish Solutions – Healthcare Interoperability with No Excuses

  • Connect anything to anything
  • Use any communications protocol
  • Benefit from virtually unlimited scaling
  • Dramatically lower the total number of interfaces required between internal and external interfaces with a common model method of integration
  • Enjoy built-in support for HL7 2.x, 3.x & extended versions
  • Enjoy built-in support for DICOM, CDA, and CCR
  • Enjoy built-in support for XML standards
  • Benefit from Self-Documenting with an "Assembly Line" for building consistent, easy-to-maintain interfaces
  • Audit every message through every stage with configurable logging
  • Secure confidential information with an array of industry-accepted encryption and decryption methods
  • Easily process non-standards compliant HL7
  • Mediate differences between HL7 implementations
  • Replace cryptic HL7 names with "Friendly Names"
  • Utilize inline documentation for HL7 2.x and 3.x along with code lists
  • Produce and consume ANSI X12 compliant EDI transactions
  • License PilotFish software very reasonably with a production server license that includes as many Q&A, development and back-up servers as you need

You can achieve Healthcare Interperability now. Call us for a free demonstration or send us sample input and output data for your most challenging interfaces and we'll show you just how easily it can be done.

Call: 860 632-9900 x 511 or Request a Demo

  • Configure interfaces following an Assembly Line
  • Map data using drag & drop (no scripting or coding)
  • Test end-to-end in graphical mode
  • Be more productive with exclusive HL7 features
  • Leverage an open API for maximum extensibility

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